This blog is intended to be my centre point for all my online activist work. Previously just a review site; I will now use it to post artwork, music, discussion, and information on various issues. I will still be posting reviews.

Aubren is a lot of things and not much at all. They are very opinionated. If they had a cutie mark, criticizing might just be it. They refused to believe in god while in preschool due to an illogical (and insulting) argument from a teacher* and refused to stand for the flag at 1st grade and continued to fight for that right many grades afterwards.

But Aubren isn’t a genius. After all, they’re 22 without a GED and never attended highschool (both partially as a result of continuous poverty and family neglect). Regardless, they feel like they notice things others don’t, and wish to share them with the world. Perhaps doing so will make the world a better place. Aubren loves to talk, so feel free to comment on their work.
*Aubren is not currently an athiest, and identifies as a polytheist in-belief only.


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