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Kinemaster Problems: 1. Intro & Images


Before I begin, I have to mention that I’m using the free version. Some features are unavailable, but Kinemasyer doesn’t list all of their fixed features available with pay. So within exception to layering, getting rid of the watermark, and exporting; I don’t know what’s changed with the paid version.



Now, Kinemaster is the only professional video editor for android. It is the only one that I have access to,  as I have a disability preventing me from using computers (extreme photosensivity).

I’m glad that there’s a professional video editor for mobile out there. I really am. But Kinemaster, for all of its functions, lacks common sense.

For starters, let’s go to the website. Specifically, their FAQ.


You see some basic and some complicated questions for the FAQ. You even see a general tutorial!


But none of these actually cover anything useful. Back when I could use large screens, I used Windows Movie Maker and a Vegas trial once. That’s right, infamously bad WMM. Guess what? If you’ve had WMM, you already know nearly everything covered in this FAQ. And this tutorial teaches you absolutely nothing.

The tutorial is 2 minutes and 15 seconds. They don’t show you any intense editing. They only show you the most basic of features. They don’t move clips around. They don’t cover transitions. They don’t mention the audio/video fade in that comes automatically. Hell, I’m writing this because I can’t understand the video cropping at all!


All I wanted to do was string together a slideshow. Dub an Undertale fancomic. (Everyone’s doing it!)

So I download the dozens of images required to dub. I put them in. Easy-peasy. But wait…what’s going on?


The original picture. Yes, the shadowing is supposed to be there.


This is what it looks like now (at the beginning). Notice the automatic crop and pan out from beginning to end.


This is what the end looks like thanks to the automatic croppping feature. Notice that it hides the sides, including the bottom. For this pic, that hides the creator’s watermark. Which would look very bad if put onto YouTube. As if I was stealing it.

Even with the automatic crop, I can “balance the effect”. However, it ONLY let’s me fo this with the zoomed in beginning. Never the “almost-whole” end.

As you can see, there is a very messed up with image inserting. It won’t let me use the entire picture. Instead it automatically crops-and-zooms/pans-out. It provides an option to turn off the zoom/pan and stick with a crop, but it sticks me with the smallest part of the picture!  Clicking either the “start-thumbnail” (then the equal button) or the “end-thumbnail” (then the equal button) leaves me results in the same result.  In other words, clicking them is jull. I can’t switch the start/end roles, nor do clicking either affect the result. The only thing that matters is if the equal-sign button is clicked or not.

(There’s an equality joke here, I just know it!)


I did find a way to reverse this, so that I get the end-thumbnail at tje start; but it’s ridiculously complicated.


First, I need to capture the clip. The chance is either random or has to be done twice. Otherwise, it’ll be the same as a duplicate (same effect). 


Now I have two!


This is the captured picture. Note that it has reversed itself.


Hitting the equal sign, I now have cut the zoom/pan effect. I now have a (cropped) stable picture!

So yes. This is a silly, complex procedure for something that shouldn’t happen in the first place. There is absolutely no reason why Kinemaster’s imported images aren’t whole. Cropping should occur at will, and should be easy and more selective to use.





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