Review: Bride & Prejudice (TV) [Ep 1]

General minority-cause rating:

Light Green (Good)

I have just finished watching the first episode of Bride & Prejudice.

Bride & Prejudice is a show about “controversial” couples getting married (all speedily) and how they deal with their prejudicial families. The couples are separately gay, interracial, and interfaith.

The gay couple is latino, the interracial black with white, and the interfaith is white…Pentecostal(?) Christian with a conservative(?) Ashkenazi Judaist. Judaist family are 1st & 2nd generation immigrants (from what I remember).

It’s not as cookie-cutter as I expected. There are varying levels of acceptance between families, with one being outright accepting. More postive-racism than I expected.

I am most surprised by how the Briana’s family, the African-American family (a 90’s phrasing according to her), is dealing with their interracial couple. There wasn’t nearly as much coverage there as I wanted; with most focus being on Ashlyn. Ashlyn is a cousin (if I remember correctly) who knows Briana well and belittles her in spite of it. Briana is emotionally dependant upon Ashlyn, and Ashlyn uses this to further her anti-interracial agenda. (I am 100% convinced that Ashlyn is one of the black tumblr users who writes generalised threats to all white people.)

The white side was covered even less, with a focus on the father: we’re repeatedly told that he’s a racist. And he is. Just not the type they keep implying (he’s no longer anti-black, he’s more positive-racism or “keep the peace or stay separate” kind of racist.)

Briana herself is intelligent, kind, and knows when to step up. She calls her own fiancé out on racist phrasing. Feminist material.


We slowly learn about the gay couple being Latino. The episode was nearly 2 hours long, and we don’t learn about it until half-way through.  They had the best on worst families. I feel so sorry for the guy who’s dependant on his father’s aproval where there’s absolutely none.

His mother is also heavily dependent upon her husband for life choices.


The interrfaith couple’s family…One is closed-minded in a bubbly, wilfully ignorent way; and the other is in a “we’re not going to make any attempts to educate you or deal with you outside of allowing ourselves to be in your presence” (ouch!) kind of way.

The Christian finacé keeps slipping up on what’s kosher, which says to me that her family is so careless-even though she’s supposedly tried hard to learn her fiancé’s religion–she still has it in her. She’s disrespects it twice, pushing her diet onto both her fiancé and onto the duo-family table (where respect is going to be of utmost importence). She says she tries to be respectful, but getting a strict traditional Judaist wedding (as opposed to blending her dream wedding in with it) makes me reconsider her. I think she’s dependant on the man she loves and is desperate to please him, but her need for independence slips through the cracks as attempts to change him.


I do believe that the camera crew encouraged her to make bacon & ham for her fiancé, who was offended by the gesture as well as its lingering smell of the house (was it annoyingly tempting?)



My overall impression of this episode? I have learned that you should never have a desire to have your families be at your wedding. Because your prejudiced families aren’t going to accomodate your needs, they’re too selfish.

Eh, I think marriage is overrated anyways. Over-and-out.


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